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Servicing the agricultural industry since 1998!

Farm Lender Corp. operating through Lexon Mortgages Plus Inc. and ResCom Mortgage Solutions Inc. is the leading boutique agricultural mortgage brokerage firm in Ontario and BC specializing in private mortgage financing. We source required funds from private mortgage lenders/investors [corporations and/or wealthy individuals] as well as mortgage investment corporations [MICs]. We are not a bank or other lending institution. We will work hard to find the private mortgage financing you need for your farming operation. Consider us to be your personal “AGvocate”!

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Good Credit. Bad Credit. No Credit.
Difficult Situations? No problem!

With over 40 years of combined experience, we're confident that we can secure a private mortgage loan for you regardless of your credit score or circumstances. Our underwriter has underwritten over $1B in private farm mortgages since 1998 and his passion for agriculture stems from his years spent working on the family farm in Walkerton ON of which he was the fifth generation. 

Kevin McIntyre
Private Mortgage Investor | Agricultural Loan Underwriter | Investor Relations Manager

Kevin McIntyre has been in the corporate finance industry since 1993 and has specialized in agricultural financing since 1998. He has underwritten over $1B in agricultural mortgages and is one of the largest agricultural private mortgage investors in Canada and is known as “The Farm Guy”. His passion for agriculture stems from his years spent working on the family farm in Walkerton ON of which he was the fifth generation.

Kevin is also the President|CEO of Westrock Capital Corp. and ResCom Mortgage Solutions Inc. He is also a proud member of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture [OFA], National Farmers Union [NFU], Farm Management Canada [FMC] and the Eastern Canada Farm Writers' Association [ECFWA].

Consider Kevin to be your personal “AGvocate”!

Hemraj Sumair
Principal Broker

Thank you for considering our agricultural mortgage services. For most farmers, their mortgage represents their largest debt obligation, and their farm is generally their most significant asset. That’s why a farm mortgage plan is so important. The right mortgage plan can protect you from a financial downturn in the agricultural sector, save you thousands of dollars, and help build your wealth over time.

With access to a vast network of private mortgage investors/lenders, we have the tools to build a customized agricultural mortgage plan, with the features and options that meet your farms needs.

Angela West-Roots

Angela has lived in the beautiful city of Nanaimo BC since 1976, has seen a lot of positive change, and absolutely can't imagine living anywhere else! She studied Business Administration at Vancouver Island University [VIU] and has worked as a Receptionist/Administrative Assistant for 35+ years and has a very diverse background in health/social services, career management, and human resources; specializing in senior administrative support.

Client service excellence is one of her key strengths and "under promise and over deliver" is her personal/professional mantra! Angela has a passion for learning and enjoys attending conferences/seminars/workshops for personal/professional development and is very passionate about living her life with contribution, meaning, and purpose.

She has two grown children, three bonus sons with her new partner, and also has three grandchildren [100% pure joy!]. She loves jewelry design, photography, road trips, writing, and spending time with family where they can usually be found enjoying an Island adventure!


Are you looking for a Canadian farm loan?  Whether you're looking to expand your operation, re-finance current debt, or just manage day-to-day operational expenses, we can help, and have been since 1998!

We're 100% committed to the success of our clients, and will find the capital you need for your farming operation! Our passion for agriculture stems from our underwriter’s years spent working on the family farm in Walkerton ON of which he was the fifth generation.

Our wide range of agricultural loans are designed to meet your specific needs at any stage of your farm operation's life cycle, and we back every loan we offer with “client care excellence” with a true understanding of what it takes to manage your farming operation.

For most farmers, your mortgage represents your largest debt, and your farm is generally your most significant asset; that's why a farm mortgage plan is so important and can protect you from a financial downturn, save you thousands of dollars, and help build your wealth!

Consider us your personal "agvocate"!

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Good/Bad/No credit, there's almost always a solution; we offer competitive private mortgage rates, flexible options, and creative ideas.

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Although a good credit score will help you achieve better interest rates, financing is still available for farmers with bad/poor credit.

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You can finance your operation and benefit from new opportunities with short-term private mortgage financing that will help you manage your cash flow while enjoying the benefit of tax-deductible interest.

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