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Mortgage Broker Los Angeles

If you are a senior aged at least 50 years and above and own your home, considering a reverse mortgage may be one of the best property investment decision you ever made. This option allows you to use the equity you have accumulated in your home to enjoy a much better quality of life and minimize financial concerns. For that, you need the services of an experienced mortgage broker in Los Angeles. Tina of Living Right Now is an experienced mortgage broker who knows the Los Angeles real estate market like the back of her hands. Several factors make Tina mortgage brokerage in Los Angeles stand out from the rest.

The Tina Advantage

Tina of Living Right Now specializes in mortgage brokerage. She can save you valuable time by negotiating on your behalf. The mortgage broker has been in the industry for many years and has established excellent relations with many professionals. Many of her clients consider her one of the best mortgage brokers in LA. She can tap into her professional networks to ensure you get access to different types of loan programs. She has worked with many lenders, including those who work with people with adverse credit.

Unlike banks, Tina's compensation is regulated, which means you will know upfront exactly what you are paying. In addition, the mortgage broker uses local underwriters and appraisers, which translates to expedited loan processing. Tina is federally licensed and has undergone training that is nationally regulated. In addition, she undergoes continuous training each year to keep abreast of the best Los Angeles mortgage broker services.

Loan Approved

Tina is the mortgage broker to work with if you want your tough loan to be approved quickly. She specializes in helping her clients, even those with unusual circumstances, and those who have been rejected by banks in their past. Tina regularly succeeds in getting approvals from reputable lenders where other LA CA mortgage brokers have failed.
The Right Loan

Tina will strive to get you a mortgage that fits your needs. A distinct feature of Tina’s mortgage brokerage service is she takes a holistic approach when assessing clients’ financial positions and long-term goals. This ensures she gets the right home financing for each client’s needs.

Living Right Now is an experienced mortgage brokerage firm that aims to link clients with home loans with excellent interest rates. Tina has established great relations with lenders in Los Angeles and can negotiate favorable interest rates based on clients' loan applications.

Fast Approvals

Tina specializes in helping her clients navigate the typically complex mortgage preapproval and application process. She strives to help people achieve their dreams of owning property in sunny Los Angeles within the shortest time possible. Her clients love her and have nothing but positive words for her.

Tina has won multiple awards in the real estate industry, which says a lot about the quality of her mortgage brokerage service. She is a professional you can trust in the crowded Los Angeles real estate market.

The fact that Tina does not work for a bank means she can provide her clients with mortgage advice so you can choose the mortgage program that best works for you. She is one of the most renowned Los Angeles CA mortgage brokers. Contact Living Right Now on (562)-743-0869 to talk to Tina.

Mortgage Broker Los Angeles
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