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Manitoba Farm Loans

Manitoba farm loans have never been easier to obtain. FarmLender.ca can show you how to get the financing you’ve been looking for to operate your hobby farm, agri-business or other rural business. If you thought the recent  rejection for a loan at your local bank meant your journey was over, take heart because there are still options available to you.

FarmLender.ca works with more than 50 lenders, all looking to do business with you. Our unique network is made up of mortgage professionals from the private lender and investor sector as well as corporate finance professionals, management consultants and agriculture experts. It is through these relationships that FarmLender.ca is able to provide Manitoba residents with the farm loans they need.

What has set FarmLender.ca apart from more traditional lending institutions is our dedication to the success of our clients and in the tireless way we work to obtain Manitoba farm loans for farmers with real needs. Walk into your local bank and try to obtain a loan with poor credit, poor cash flow, no collateral and nothing on paper to show how you plan to repay their loan and see how quickly you are escorted out.

FarmLender.ca won't consider any of these issues as challenges or obstacles in finding you the capital you need. We'll simply get to work in finding the right lending institution to work with you in an effort to get you the best rates possible and the flexible options necessary to ensure you are able to make your payments. After all, that’s what a trusted partner would do.

Since opening our doors in 1993, one thing has not changed in all the years FarmLender.ca has been in business and that is our firm commitment to seeing clients as real people in need of real money to fund their farming operations, and in helping them achieve their goals, wherever that takes.

Are you thinking about expanding? If you have a vision for the future of your operation that is not black and white, your bank will not consider you seriously, but FarmLender.ca’s partners will and will loan money based on that vision.

Are you in need of new equipment to replace out-dated or old equipment that is no longer functional on your farm? Equipment loans are one of the ways FarmLender.ca shows our dedication to local farmers. We'll locate just the right lender to meet your needs, whether you want to buy or refinance a loan on existing equipment.

Call on the Manitoba farm loans experts from FarmLender.ca at 888.393.8686 and get the financing you need, quickly and inexpensively. Feel free to visit online at FarmLender.ca where you can learn more about the services available, connect with an agent from our team or find out why Canadians come to FarmLender.ca for their loan needs.

You’ll be glad you called us because we take our clients seriously when it comes to obtaining Manitoba farm loans. Call today and get started.