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Do you need a farm mortgage to finance your Ontario operation? Let FarmLender.ca help you with a farm loan designed to meet your needs. With agricultural financing for Ontario residents, Farmlender.ca is committed to your success.
FarmLender.ca is totally dedicated to the success of our agricultural clients. Their mortgage professionals are former private lenders and investors, finance professionals, management consultants and agri-business experts with many years of combined corporate and agricultural experience. Through their unique relationships with over 50 conventional and private lenders, Farmlender.ca works hard to find you the capital you need for your farming operation quickly and inexpensively. When you need a farm mortgage in Ontario, FarmLender.ca is the place to call.
You may be surprised to learn that Farmlender.ca is not interested in your credit score or individual circumstances, only in how we can help you secure a farm loan. Whether you have good credit, bad credit or perhaps no credit at all, FarmLender.ca is able to meet you where you are to help you obtain the farm loan you need for your operations.
Hemraj Sumair, FarmLender.ca’s principal broker, understands that for most farmers, their farm mortgage represents their largest Ontario debt obligation, with the farm generally being the most significant asset. That’s the reason why a farm mortgage is so important. The right farm mortgage plan is able to protect you from a financial downturn in the agricultural sector, at the same time saving you thousands of dollars and helping you to build your wealth over time.
Farmlender.ca has access to a vast network of over fifty lenders from major banks, credit unions, trusts and private lenders, allowing us the tools to build a customized farm mortgage for each Ontario client, with the features and options that meet each farm’s needs. That’s how FarmLender.ca does business.
Call an expert from FarmLender.ca at 888.393.8686 to discuss your mortgage needs. Whether you’re looking to expand your farming operation, refinance your current debt, take advantage of a new opportunity or just manage your day-to-day operational expenses, FarmLender.ca is able to help you access the agricultural financing you need. FarmLender.ca has a wide range of agricultural loans that are designed to meet your unique needs at any stage of your farming operation’s life cycle.
FarmLender.ca invites you to our website at farmlender.ca to take a look at the different types of services that we provide. Our website is set up to help you determine the type of farm mortgage that would best suit your Ontario farming needs, including:
– Operation Loans to finance day-to-day operations.
– Equipment Loans to finance new or used machinery.
– Real Estate Loans to purchase, refinance or improve farmland or rural properties.
– Starter Loans designed for young and beginning farmers.
Why not call FarmLender.ca now at 888.393.686 to speak with a professional who can answer your questions? You’ll be happy you made the call.

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