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FarmLender.ca helps BC residents get farm loans when they have exhausted all other avenues for funding. If you’re looking for capital for your farming operation but have been turned down by the bank, don’t be discouraged. FarmLender.ca works with more than fifty lending agencies, all interested in doing business with you.

It’s never been more difficult to get agri-funding, and at the same time, it’s never been easier to find a lender. It’s not all that surprising to learn that most farmers will give up after being turned down by their bank for a loan. Many times they think that if the institution they have been doing business with their entire lives won’t loan money based on their relationship, there’s no point of looking elsewhere. Not so.

You are uniquely valuable to FarmLender.ca and as such, we are committed to your success in finding the right terms and conditions for your financing. Local BC residents come to FarmLender.ca for farm loans because they are treated with the respect they deserve and are taken seriously when it comes to getting capital to fund their operations.

Perhaps your current financial situation has kept you out of the good graces of your bank or has excluded you from obtaining a loan. At FarmLender.ca, poor credit, current cash flow issues and a lack of collateral will not keep you from getting your loan. We work with more than fifty different lenders in a variety of sectors, all competing for your business and willing to lend at competitive rates.

Are you thinking of expanding but do not have anything to show that you can make your payments aside from your vision of what the future holds for your business? Perhaps you’re a start-up hobby farm with no cash flow or collateral. FarmLender.ca will not see these matters as an obstacle. We'll simply get to work to find the right lender for your unique needs and work toward helping you obtain the amount of capital you require to achieve your goals.

With a traditional bank, the only answer to their question of credit that will result in your being seen in a positive light is for you to possess impeccable credit. At FarmLender.ca, whether good, bad or no credit, there is almost always a solution, with competitive rates and flexible options, combined with creative ideas to fund your operation.

Contact a knowledgeable agent from FarmLender.ca today by calling 888.393.8686 and find out why other BC residents rely on us for their farm loans and why you can too!

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