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Alberta Farm Loans

Alberta Farm LoansAre you having trouble getting the financing you need for your small farm’s operations, new equipment or even to manage the day to day working of your agri-business? FarmLender helps locals with Alberta Farm Loans that can provide the capital they’re counting on. Find out more when you call an agent at 888-393-8686.

If you’ve been rejected for a loan recently by your bank, you may be discouraged into thinking there’s no way you can obtain the funding you need. Take heart- there are many farm owners such as yourself who need financing but are unable to get help from their bank. The fact is that many banks will even reject an application for a loan from a client who has been banking with them their entire life!

If you thought that if your bank wouldn’t lend money there was no place else to go, you may be surprised to learn that FarmLender can help. For more than 24 years, FarmLender has been in the business of helping their clients get funding in the wake of what is often a very discouraging rejection of their loan application. Consider a few of the most common reasons why banks will not loan on farms and you’ll understand why clients turn to FarmLender:

– Your credit score is of the highest importance to your banker, but that’s only because they are more interested in meeting their own needs than they are in meeting yours. FarmLender works with numerous lenders who provide Alberta farm loans to clients with poor credit and no credit at all. While you will get the best rates if you have great credit, not having it does not exclude you from obtaining a loan at a competitive rate.

– Your bank will most likely lend you money based on the value of your assets- again, set up to meet their own needs instead of yours. Without collateral, your banker will most likely not even speak to you about a loan. This is another area where FarmLender is different. Having relationships with more than 50 lenders provides them with a vast network from which to draw, finding the right lending agency to meet your needs.

– A bank will insist on seeing your cash flow on paper before agreeing to lend you money, something a start-up or expanding business is not always able to provide. A private lender through FarmLender is often able to see your vision in the same light as you, and will lend based on your ideas, plans and business strategies instead of proof in black and white that you can pay off the loan.

FarmLender understands how important Alberta farm loans are to locals, which is why they are firmly committed to helping you obtain the capital you need for your business. With a vast network of banks, credit unions, trusts and private lenders and investors, they can help you get the funding you need. Make a call to FarmLender today at 888-393-8686 to learn more about obtaining a loan.