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ACREAGE FINANCING AND MORTGAGESFarmLender assists Canadian farmers with acreage financing and rural mortgages designed to meet the needs of the farmer and save them money. Their wide range of Ag. loans can help farmers whether they are working with good credit or bad credit. If you’re searching for a lender who is committed to your success in obtaining financing, call an agent from FarmLender at 888-393-8686.

Church Building Loans

church building loansGriffin Church Loans is offering church building loans to hundreds of churches in need, whether they are in financial trouble or just need the extra boost of money to finish a project such as construction or renovations. Griffin has been serving both big and small churches for more than fifteen years; to see how they can serve your church, go to their website at church-loan.com or call (800)-710-6762.

Car Loans Cairns

Car Loans CairnsOf all the loan companies out there, there are no lower rates for car loans in Cairns than at the professional company, EziLend. EziLend is known for the best customer service and lowest rates anywhere in or around the Cairns area, as well as making the process quick and easy to get pre-approved for auto, home, business, or personal loans. Visit ezilendcairns.com.au or call 1300 850 447 to get the process started today.